Bedal Campground – open 5/16 – 9/7/2015
Enjoy a scenic and remote camping experience next to the Sauk River. Relax along the river or sign up for a rafting trip with Adventures Cascades – the launch for the upper Sauk begins at Bedal Campground.


Clear Creek Campground, open 4/16 – 9/28/2015
Just south of Darrington, the Mt. Loop Highway creates an easy bike ride into town from the campground. Once in town, check out Rivertime Brewery or grab a burger at the Burger Barn.



Cascade Kamloops RV Park, Open Year Round.
There is so much to enjoy at Cascade Kamloops Trout Farm & RV Park, Private. This wonderful campground has 32 full-hook up sites for trailers and RVs up to 45 feet long. Amenities include water, sewer, electricity, squeaky clean restrooms, hot showers, laundry facilities, plus a multi-use recreation room, and leashed pets are always welcome. Firewood is also available for purchase. They also offer many onsite activities, including mini-golf, a privately stocked trout farm, where you can enjoy pay by inch fishing, no license necessary. Open all year round.

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Single site/night ............... $14
Day use only ............... $5/day
Extra vehicle ............ $7/night
Groups site fee
at Bedal CG...............



False Solomon's Seal
False Solomon's Seal, also called False Spikenard, is sometimes is confused with True Solomon Seal. The True Solomon Seal belongs to Polygonatum and False Solomon's Seal belongs to Smilacina, both are in the Liliaceae (Lily) family. These perennials spread by roots along marshy banks and damp woodlands. The name Spikenard is given to this plant because of the "nard", a fragrant ointment that was made from the flowers.

You will find this flower starting to bloom in May and in higher elevations through June. The stem can grow up to 3 feet tall, leaves are parallel and veined with plumy clusters of flowers forming at the tip of the stem. The flowers are quite fragrant, starting off a brilliant white then quickly turning a creamy color. You will often find this flower growing in large patches with its flowers against deep green foliage. A couple of good trails to see False Solomon's Seal is North Fork Sauk and Bedal Creek, also the Scenic Backroad Drive to Cumberland Pass.