Not only is the Darrington Archery Range currently the only permanent world-class archery range in the United States, it is also the only handicapped accessible range.

Darrington Archery consists of five ranges of 28 targets each. Ranges or target butts are sponsored by individual archers, archery clubs and even some of our local townsfolk. To the Town of Darrington, the archers that return from around the country and the world to compete here year after year have become an extended family. When they return to Darrington we are happy to welcome them into our town and our homes as we renew old friendships and make new ones too.

For more information see the Darrington Archery Association.

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Rubus parviflorus, Thimble Berry
Thimble Berries grow in thickets along roadways and trails often intertwined with Salmon Berry and Nootka Rose forming a hedge of white scarlet and pink flowers. Thimble Berries begin blooming in May and bloom later in higher elevations as the snow melts.

The beautiful white blossoms later turn to very sweet dark red fruit with a large hollow center, resembling a thimble.

March – September