The Stilly, the Sauk and the Suiattle Rivers

The rivers around Darrington provide opportunities for all abilities, but at whatever level of excitement you seek, the beauty and solitude make for some of the best river experiences available.

The North Fork Stillaguamish, or "The Stilly" as it's known locally, contains miles of meandering water to explore. The mountain views and occasional glimpses of wildlife make this river a year-round favorite for photographers, birders, and those wanting to enjoy being outside.

The Sauk and Suiattle Rivers, part of the Skagit Wild and Scenic river system offer some of the most remote stretches of water in the state. During late fall and winter bald eagles can be seen perched in trees or eating fish on the gravel bars by the river.

Outfitters for Paddle Sports

Adventure Cascades Whitewater Rafting | Scenic River Floats
1055 Seeman St, Darrington, WA 98241 Phone: (360) 393-6815 or TOLL FREE (855) RAFT-SAUK
Adventure Cascades is your premier river-rafting adventure company, family owned and operated, located in Darrington, Washington. They
specialize in white-water rafting and scenic float trips along the wild and playful Sauk and Suiattle rivers, where massive trees meet glacial-blue water and untamed wilderness inspires adventure and revitalizes the soul. Using only the most qualified guides and top-of-the-line gear, trips are focused on you. Adventure Cascades prides itself on providing a warm, comfortable and safe experience that you’ll recount long after the water has dried. If you’re hosting a special event, let them customize your trip! From multi-day team building to a gourmet bachelorette party, they can tailor your adventure to surpass your specific needs.



The Greek name Menyanthes, meaning "Men" month and "anththes" flower, pertains to the fact that this thick fleshy flower is very long lasting. The common name "Buckbean" comes from the fact that this succulent plant is a favorite food for deer and that the flower capsule looks like a bean. It has a history of use as a medicinal plant for migraine headaches, fevers, and more.

In June you can find Buckbean growing along the edges of Kirk's Lake, Sauk Prairie Mountain Lake, Segelson Lake, Texas Pond and other swamps and bogs in the Darrington area.

May – September