Are you looking for that special Christmas tree?

Make finding this years Christmas tree a real adventure that the family will remember for years to come. Come out to Darrington and explore the surrounding forest lands for the perfect tree. You can purchase your Christmas Tree Permit at the Darrington Ranger Station or the Darrington IGA. Consider making it a weekend adventure and spend the night at The Darrington Motor Inn. Enjoy simple winter pleasures like a good romp in the snow on a winter hike on Old Sauk Trail or Whitehorse Rails To Trail. Be sure and stop in at the Mountain Loop Books & Coffee for a great cup of coffee or hot chocolate!

For more information on how to get your Christmas Tree Permit

Getting that perfect tree, photo by Gary Paull.



Do you know the traditional language spoken by Snohomish County’s Native American tribes?

Lushootseed, which is in the Coast Salish language group.