Clear Creek Candle
1015 Sauk Ave # 2, Darrington, WA 98241 Phone: (360) 436-9425
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In April of 2006, the retail store opened in Darrington. It has since been a successful entity not only to locals residing in the town, but to customers as far away as Washington, D.C., who make a point to stop on their annual visits through the Cascade Mountain Range. Out-of-towners can take a drive up Highway 530 on a sunny Sunday afternoon to buy soap and candles or snag the great items on the website. They offer international shipments, too!

Sauk Mountain Pottery
50303 Hwy 20, Concrete, WA 98237 Phone: (360) 853-8689
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Wood-fired stoneware and porcelain by Stephen Murray, to use and to admire. Designs include relief drawings of the Cascade Mountains, local flowers and some wildlife. Orders can be arranged with the artist and his wife, Nicola.



Wild Strawberry
Wild Strawberries blooming in May. You will find Strawberries growing in sunny well drained soil. In June the flowers turn to small bright red strawberries.

The name Strawberry comes from the Anglo-Saxon name; "Streowberie" because as they grow they "strew" across the ground in a thick mat.

May – June